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Synergy  - Book 1


New Orleans is a city of Mystery and Beauty. For Synergy Emerson, it's

the place she hopes to find answer. Discovering a world she never knew
existed wasn't in her plans, but sometimes Fate has a plan of her own.
When she discovers new powers, she'll have to learn to control them

while surviving the ones who want to use her for their gain.
With a bounty on her head, she'll have a hard time escaping the clutches

of evil.

Kanai Aeros is frustrated with his day to day routine. Being a

supernatural cop was time consuming, leaving no time for a personal

When Synergy Emerson pulls into town and a bunch of dead bodies start showing up, he learns there is so much more to her and the community

he's lived in all of his life than he ever imagined.
The supernatural community is about to get bigger and a lot deadlier.

The Synergy Series


Includes shipping

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