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Welcome to my Ever-Growing Future Works Page!



My 'ideas' list is growing by the day! I have to have a cover

made before I can start writing a book - It's my process - Just the

way I work. Although I may not stick with the cover that I make,

I do have a basis for writing my book.

So, enjoy my Future Works covers and hopefully

you'll stick around to read the story

Beauties of Nightshade

BN - Supermodel cover.jpg
BN - Sultry.jpg
BN - Starlet cover.jpg
BN - Seized.jpg
BN - Scandal.jpg
BN - Sassy cover.jpg
BN - Jagged cover.jpg
BN - Angelic cover.jpg
BN - Darling.jpg
BN - Flirt cover.jpg
BN - Bombshell cover.jpg
BN - Guarded cover.jpg

Crime Families Collection

Crime Family Laconi Atlanta.jpg
Crime Family Milani Cali.jpg
Crime Family Caivano Chicago.jpg
Crime Family Alesi NY.jpg

Spy Games

Spy Games 1 Let THe Games Begin.jpg
Spy Games 2 The Chase Cover.jpg
Spy Games 3 Let's change the game.jpg

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